Bradley A. Ault: Classical Archaeology, Ancient-Medieval Art History

Peter F. Biehl: Archaeology of Europe and the Near East; Climate Change in the Past and Present; Method and Theory; Social Meaning of Visual Imagery and Representation; Art, Symbolism and Religion; Digital Humanities; Museum Studies and Management; Cultural Heritage

T.J. Chevral: Archaeological theory; complex societies; colonialism; ethnicity and
identity; conflict and conflict resolution; political ecology;
pastoralism; agricultural intensification; landscape archaeology;
regional analysis; ethnohistory; archaeological chemistry; European
archaeology; Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern Scandinavia and

Stephen L. Dyson: Roman History and Archaeology, Roman Italy and the Western Empire, Archaeological History and Theory

Omer Gokcumen: Evolutionary and Anthropological Genomics

Carolyn Higbie: Ancient Greece, epic poetry, history, and historiography

Sarunas Milisauskas: Old World archaeology, European prehistory; Neolithic, Bronze Age

† Samuel M. Paley: The Ancient Near East and Egypt, Judaism, Hebrew, Akkadian, virtual reality

Alessandro Sebastiani: Roman Archaeology

L. Vance Watrous: Bronze Age Aegean art and archaeology, iconography, social archaeology

Roger Woodard: Greek literature; Roman, Greek, and Indo-European religion and myth; Anthropology of Greece and Rome; Greek alphabet and other writing systems; Indo-European linguistics; the interaction between the Near East and Greece

Ezra B. Zubrow: Finland, Norway, England, archaeological theory and method, ecology, simulation methods, demography

Current IEMA Postdocs

Megan Daniels: IEMA Postdoctoral Scholar 2017-2018
Organizer of the Eleventh IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference in 2018 entitled “Homo Migrans: Modelling Mobility and Migration in Human History”
Research Interests: The Eastern Mediterranean (Late Bronze Age to Hellenistic); cross-cultural exchange between the Near East and Mediterranean; cultural relations and mobility across Eurasia; sanctuaries and votive material; ancient economies; social sciences approaches to ancient religion; Phoenician culture; Roman provinces; ceramic analysis

Past IEMA Postdocs

Douglas Bolender: Research Associate and IEMA Post-doctoral Scholar 2007. North Atlantic Viking Age and Medieval archaeology, environment and land use, household production and inequality. If you would like to contact Douglas regarding publications he edited for IEMA, please email

Orlando Cerasuolo: Mediterranean archaeology, Bronze Age and Iron Age of Italy, Etruscan archaeology and archaeology of pre-Roman Italy, ancient networks and route systems, Etruscan pottery, ancient architecture and art of war, cartography, topography and techniques of archaeological excavation, illustration in archaeology, mathematical models and statistical analysis in archaeology, didactics for sites and exhibitions, exhibition installation.

Güner Coskunsu: IEMA Post-doctoral Scholar 2009. Middle Eastern archaeology, transition from hunting gathering to agricultural way of life, provenance studies, symbolism, social identity, gender, and material culture, ethnographic archaeology, prehistoric exchange/trade

Oleksandr Diachenko:  Fulbright Visiting Scholar.
Eastern European Archaeology; Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlement Systems in the Ukraine.

Arnau Garcia: IEMA Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2017
Landscape Archaeology, Human-Environmental Relationship, Archaeology of Mountain Landscapes, Mediterranean Archaeology, Historical Geography, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Archaeological Method and Theory, Field Survey Methodology, Methods for Archaeological Excavation, Cultural Heritage

Attila Gyucha: IEMA Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-2016
Organizer of the Ninth IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference in 2016 entitled ‘Coming Together: Comparative Approaches to Population Aggregation and Early Urbanization’.
Prehistoric Europe, Human-Environmental Relationship, Population Nucleation and Urbanism, Spatial Analysis, Ceramic Analysis, Archaeological Method and Theory, Cultural Heritage

Emily Holt:Environmental archaeology, water and resource exploitation, political ecology, complex societies and the origins of social complexity, ancient economies, urban environments in the ancient world, health and disease in the past, zooarchaeology, the Nuragic culture of Sardinia, the Mediterranean Bronze Age, European prehistory

Will Meyer:  European societies, Historical ecology, Protohistory, Ethnohistory, Social studies of archaeology, Feminist and Queer Anthropology, Landscape, Gender and Sexuality, Heritage politics

Carrie Murray: IEMA Post-doctoral Scholar 2010. Classical Archaeology, Material Culture in Context, Landscape and Seascape Theory, Funerary Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology

James F. Osborne: Archaeology and History of the Ancient Near East, Spatial Analysis, Archaeological Method and Theory, Social Theory, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Built Environment Studies, Ancient Settlement Patterns and Urbanism, Near Eastern Languages

Sarah Ralph: Research Associate and IEMA Post-doctoral Scholar 2008.
Iron Age Europe, Violence and Warfare, Human Osteology, Forensic Archaeology, Feasting and Commensality. If you would like to contact Sarah regarding publications she edited for IEMA, please email

Past IEMA Visiting Professors

Christopher Prescott: (University of Oslo)

Dr. Roxana-Gabriela Curca & Dr. Marius-Tiberiu Alexianu (Faculty of History, “Al.I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania)

Ralf Vandam: (University of Leuven)

IEMA Postdoctoral Associates

Oleksandr Diachenko:  Fulbright Visiting Scholar.
Eastern European Archaeology; Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlement Systems in the Ukraine.

Thomas Harper: Former University at Buffalo IEMA student. Eastern European prehistory, quantitative modeling, spatial analysis and GIS, cultural anthropology and ethnographic analogy in archaeology, migration, agriculture, paleoclimatology, housing and settlement systems, subsistence practices and diet, archaeological theory and epistemology.

Laura Harrison: Digital Heritage in Archaeology and Museums; Heritage Management and Education; Urbanism and Social Complexity; Spatial Analysis; Behavior and Cognition

Eva L. Hulse:Post-doctoral Associate ICCAP. Sub-Arctic Neolithic, Archaeometry, GIS, Domestic spaces, Community persistence and change, Development of social complexity

Dustin Keeler: Post-doctoral Associate ICCAP: International Collaborative Circumpolar Archaeological Project NSF Grant #0915131 (Arctic Social Sciences Program), Western Europe Upper Paleolithic: France Sub-Arctic Neolithic: Finland, Russia, GIS Spatial-Temporal Modeling, Intrasite Spatial Analysis, Regional Settlement Patterns


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Goce Naumov (University of Skopja): 2011-2012 Junior Faculty Development Program, American Council for International Education