Andre Gonciar

Andre Gonciar


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Director – Archaeological Techniques and Research Center (ArchaeoTek – Canada)

PhD Candidate – Department of Anthropology (SUNY Buffalo)


MA: Anthropology (Archaeology), 2011 – SUNY Buffalo (Buffalo, NY, USA)

MA: History (Early Medieval History), 1999 – University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

MS: Applied Geophysics and Geochemistry (Neotectonics),
1994 – Université Montpellier II (Montpellier, Héraut, France)

BA: Classical Studies, 1997 – University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

BA: History, 1997 – University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

BS: Geology, 1993 – University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Research Interests:

Type: Field archaeologist, specialized in Atlantic and Continental climate environments, with ancillary experience in arid (Sub-Sahran, Anatolian, Arctic) environments

Periods of Interest:  Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age

Location: Transylvanian Depression – Romania – Eastern/Southeastern Europe

Research Themes: Paleoexpression and paleoperformance, Funeral aesthetics and behavior, Liminal spaces, Transition dynamics, Paleodermatoglyphs, Multiscalar integration

Current Research Projects:

As field director:

Middle Bronze Age to Late Iron Age Acropolis Excavation: Racos, Basov, Romania

Late Bronze Age, Transition to Iron Age Excavation and Survey: Uioara, Alba, Romania

As project coordinator:

Osteology Workshop, Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania (Late Bronze Age population)

Archaeology Field School – Soimeni, Harghita, Romania (Late Neolithic to Middle Bronze Age)

Archaeology Field School – Rasnov, Brasov, Romania (Daco-Roman)

Selected Grants and Fellowships:

College Fellowship – S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo: 2008-2012.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Fellowship: 1999-2003.

Graduate Merit Scholarship, University of Ottawa: 1997-1999.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship: 1997-1999.
Classical Association of Ontario, Harry C. Maynard Fellowship: 1997.

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Fellowship: 1993-1994.

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Excellence Award: 1991-1993.

Selected Publications:

Georgescu, A. and A. Gonciar, 2007. " A Noua Culture grave found at Valea Viilor, Sibiu County / Un mormant Noua descoperit la Valea Viilor (jud. Sibiu) ". Acta Musei Brukenthal, 1(1):21-30.

Gonciar, A., 2000. "Création et légitimation d’une identité politique dans le royaume des Asturies". Memini, 4:45-75.

Gonciar, A., 2003. "Le « paganisme chrétien » en Occident à la veille de la Réforme. Eléments de synthèse: polythéisme et fétichisme dans la religion populaire: Le culte des saints et des reliques. " Corviniana, 7:119-128.

Gonciar, A., 2007. "Structural considerations regarding the fortifications of the Dacian fortress on Catanas Hill (Tilisca, Sibiu County) ". Acta Musei Brukenthal, 2(1):119-130.

Gonciar, A., A. Georgescu and M. Lazar, 2007. "Stratigraphic and structural considerations regarding the Petresti settlement of Mosna – "Pe tabla", Sibiu County". Acta Musei Brukenthal, 2(1):40-62.

Gonciar, A. and S. Batiuk, 2003. "Elements of geomorphology and digital topography of the Apoldu de Jos tumular complexes / Geomorfologie si topografie digitala a sitului Gorgan – Apoldul de Jos". Acta Terrae Septemcastrensis, 2:95-103.

Selected Conference Presentations:

Gloux, S. and A. Gonciar, 2009. "Applying DNA to Bioarchaeology Studies, A Case Study: the Noua Culture (Romania)". DNA Studies and Historical Archaeology Session. Council for Northeast Historical Archaeolog Conferencey, Université Laval, Quebec (Quebec, Canada).

Gloux, S. and A. Gonciar, 2010. "Integrating DNA Analyses to Bioarchaeology and Physical Anthropology Studies. The Potential Benefits in Approaching Unknown Populations: the Noua Culture (Romania)". European Bronze Age Session. Society for American Archaeology, St. Louis (Missouri, USA).

Gonciar, A., 2001 "Genèse d’une identité politique dans le royaume des Asturies: création d’une mythologie nationale". Journée d’études médiévales, Université d’Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).

Gonciar, A. et al., 2005. "Death and Ritual in the Noua Culture: a New Discovery in Valea Viilor, Sibiu, Romania". The 7th International Symposium of Funeral Archaeology, University Lucian Blaga (Sibiu, Romania).

Gonciar, A., 2009. “Excavating the Invisible: Recognizing Emotion in the Archeaological Record”. Institute of European and Mediterranean Archaeology Lecture.

Gonciar, A., 2010. "Extracting Emotion: Funeral Behavior during the Late Bronze Age in Romania". European Bronze Age Session. Society for American Archaeology Conference, St. Louis (Missouri, USA).

Gonciar, A., 2010. "The Materiality of Emotion: Re-Conceptualizing the Archaeological Subject. A Theoretical Perspective". Worlds of Immateriality Session. Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Brown University, Providence (Rhode Island, USA).