Joey Williams

Porter 347


PhD Candidate, Department of Classics
Instructor, PortAnta Archaeological Cooperative


MA 2007
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Department of Classics

BA 2004
Hendrix College, Conway, AR
Department of Anthropology and Department of History

Research Interests:

Mediterranean archaeology, ancient industry and technology, Greek and Latin epigraphy, heritage management, Roman and Pre-Roman Iberia, environmental archaeology

Current Research Projects:

Caladinho, Portugal: Iron Age/Roman excavation. Co-director with Rui Mataloto.

Professional Organizations:

Archaeological Institute of America – Western New York Chapter (Secretary)
Archaeological Institute of America – Iberia Chapter (Associate Member)
Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (Associate Member)
Classics Graduate Student Association

Selected Publications:

“The Environmental Effects of Populonia’s Metallurgical Industry: Current Evidence and Future Directions,” Etruscan Studies 12: 129-148. (2009)

Selected Presentations:
“Preliminary Results of the 2010 Excavation of the Fortified Structure at Caladinho, Portugal,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, San Antonio, TX, 2011.

“Reading an Ancient Magician’s Code: the Case of the Amulet from Lisbon,” Invited speaker for the Murphy Program Humanities Lecture Series, Hendrix College, 2010.
“Reconsiderations of a Greco-Egyptian Magical Amulet in the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon,” Presented at the AIA Toronto Society Centenary Graduate Student Symposium titled Confronting the Supernatural: Magic, Myth and Ritual, 2009.

“The Social Variability of Roman Metallurgical Pollution,” Presented at Servi sunt. Immo homines: Graduate Student Conference on Ancient Slavery, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008.