Ashley Cercone



Graduate Student, Anthropology Department


BA Anthropology with Honors, 2016
BA Classics, 2016
University at Buffalo

Research Interests:

Ceramic Analysis and Technology, Bronze Age Aegean and Near East, Anatolia, Craft Production, Trade and Exchange

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations:

“Ceramic standardization in Early Bronze Age Western Anatolia: An exploration of mold technology within the chaîne opératoire at Seyitömer Höyük,” with K. Donner, European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics, Bordeaux, France, September 6, 2017.

“Ceramics production and trade in Western Anatolia: A reexamination of the ceramic mold-making process at Seyitömer Höyük in Kütahya, Turkey,” with K. Donner, Society for American Archaeology 82nd Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2017.

“Ceramic Production and Trade across the Great Hungarian Plateau: The Chemical Analysis of Middle Bronze Age Ceramics from Békés 103 in Eastern Hungary,” with M. Golitko, Society for American Archaeology 81st Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, April 8, 2016.


Cercone, A. and K. Donner. 23 – 25 November 2016 Lefkosia, Cyprus. “Ceramics production and trade in Western Anatolia: A reexamination of the ceramic mould-making process at Seyitömer Höyük in Kütahya, Turkey,” Paper presented at the International Archaeological Symposium, Ankara University.

Research Projects:

Toboliu –Dambul Zanacanului Bronze Age Tell Settlement

Bronze Age Koros Off-Tell Archaeology Project

Seyitomer Hoyuk Rescue Excavation Project

Cumidava Archaeological Research Project

Professional Organizations:

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

Society for American Archaeology (SAA)