Gonca Dardeniz Arıkan

Office: 362 Spaulding
Phone: (716) 645-0417


IEMA Visiting Professor


Ph.D. 2017
Department of Archaeology and History of Art, Koç University
Dissertation: Vitreous material crafting in the second millennium BC: Glass, faience and frit production at Tell Atchana, ancient Alalakh

M.A. 2012
Department of Archaeology and History of Art, Koç University

M.Sc. 2009
Department of Chemistry, Boğaziçi University

B.A. 2019
Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology, Istanbul University

B.Sc. 2005
Department of Chemistry, Boğaziçi University

Research Interests:

Bronze Age technologies particularly in Anatolia, ancient metallurgy, vitreous materials (glass, faience, frit), integrated crafts, raw material exploitation and usage, spread and exchange of technologies and technological knowledge (particularly between Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Aegean, and Egypt)

Selected Publications:

Dardeniz, G. 2018. Notes on the Megiddo glass female figurine in the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, Tel Aviv 45 (2): 224234.

Dardeniz, G. 2018. The preliminary archaeological and scientific evidence for glass making at Tell Atchana/Alalakh, Hatay (Turkey), in (eds.) J. Henderson and K. Matsumura, Aspects of Late Bronze Age glass in the Mediterranean, Anatolian Archaeological Studies Vol. XXI: 95110.

Dardeniz, G., Girginer, K.S., Oyman-Girginer, Ö., 2018. A Pottery Kiln from Tatarlı Höyük (Adana, Turkey) and its Implications for the Late Bronze Age Pottery Production in Cilicia and Beyond, Adalya 21: 117134.

Batmaz, A., Lehner, J.W., Dardeniz, G. 2018. Long-distance interaction in Urartu?: Provenance and composition of copper alloys from Ayanis, Turkey, Archaeometry. DOI: 10.1111/acm.12428

Dardeniz, G. 2017. Sharing technologies and workspaces for ceramic and vitrified material production at Tell Atchana-Alalakh, in (eds.) Ç. Maner, M. T. Horowitz, A. Gilbert, Overturning Certainties in Near Eastern Archaeology. A Festschrift in Honor of K. Aslıhan Yener, Leiden, Brill Publications, 139– 156.

Dardeniz, G. 2016. Cultic symbolism at the city gates: Two metal foundation pegs from Tell Atchana, Alalakh (Turkey), Adalya 19: 31–50. (WOS: 000377640200003)

Dardeniz, G. 2015. Was ancient Egypt the only supplier of natron? New research reveals major Anatolian deposits, Anatolica 41: 191–202.

Dardeniz, G., Sipahi, İ. T., Yıldırım, T., forthcoming. An insight into Old Hittite Metallurgy: Alloying practices at Hüseyindede (Çorum, Turkey), Anatolian Studies 2019.

Dardeniz, G. forthcoming (2019). Significance of colour in the second millennium B.C.: the perception and use of glass in Anatolia, centre and periphery, in (eds.) D. A. Warburton and S. Thavapalan, Economic values of colours, Topoi Excellence Cluster: Berlin.

Dardeniz, G. and Yıldırım, T., forthcoming. Resuloğlu (Çorum, Turkey) Updated:
Preliminary Results of Metal Artifacts from the Early Bronze Age Cemetary, SUBARTU, Kültepe International Meeting 3, Brepols.