Alexander Mazurek

Email Address:


Ph,D Student, Department of Classics
Instructor and Teaching Assistant


B.A. 2012 Classics and Archaeology, Boston University
M.A. 2014 Classics, University at Buffalo

Research Interests:

Etruscan and Early Roman Archaeology, Etruscan Warfare, Etruscan Politics and Society, Greeks and Romans in Etruria, Etruscans Outside of Etruria


“Etruscan Genucilia Ware:  A Discussion on Its History and Past Scholarship”, Chronika, V. (April 2015)
Translation of The Fortress of Rofalco:  Daily Life of the Last Etruscans.  A Brief Guide.  Edited by Orlando Cerasuolo and Luca Pulcinelli.  (July 2014)

Current Research Project:

Rofalco, Italy – Staff Member and Trench Supervisor.  Director – Professor Orlando Cerasuolo.

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations:

“History, Interpretation and Distribution of Etruscan Genucilia Ware” (poster).  Società e innovazione nell’Etruria di IV-III secolo a.C.  Bolsenna, Italy (October 21-22, 2016).
“2016 Field Season Report:  Area 2000 – Room 1.”  2016 Rofalco Public Conference (August 12, 2016).
“From the Battlefield to the Tomb:  An Analysis of Etruscan Warfare as Evidenced by Funerary Contexts.”  The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2016 Annual  Meeting (March 17, 2016).
“2015 Field Season Report:  Area 2000 – Room 1.” 2015 Rofalco Public Conference (August 13, 2015).
“More Than Meets the Eye:  Identifying a Brothel in Ancient Greece.”  The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2015 Annual Meeting (March 26, 2015).
“Not Just a Pretty Face:  An Examination of Etruscan Genucilia Pottery.”  The 115th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (January 10, 2015).
“Jokes on Him:  Caricature and Male Clients of Prostitutes on Greek-Vase Painting.”  The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 2014 Annual Meeting (April 3, 2014).
“Size Isn’t Everything:  Pygmies in Greek Art.” 2013 Fall Meeting of the Classical Association of Atlantic States (October 11, 2013).
“Light My Fire:  An Overview, Typology, and Analysis of Erotic Roman Lamps.”  Seventeenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium at the University of Virginia (March 23, 2013).

Professional Organizations:

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
Society for Classical Studies (SCS)
Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA)
Classics Graduate Student Association (IEMA Representative)
Etruscan Foundation
Gruppi Archeologici d’Italia