Will Meyer

Spaulding 375
(716) 645-0414



2012-2013 IEMA Post-Doctoral Scholar

Organizer of the 6th IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference: Engendering Landscape & Landscaping Gender


PhD, 2012

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Department of Anthropology

Dissertation: Home of the Living, Land of the Dead: Dwelling with the Bronze and Iron Age Tombs of Southern Burgundy

BS (with Honors), 1998

Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA

Department of Anthropology

Research Interests

European societies (past & present), historical ecology, protohistory, ethnohistory, social studies of archaeology, feminist & queer anthropologies, landscape, gender & sexuality, heritage politics

Ongoing Project Involvement:

French Project / Équipe Américaine, Uxeau, Saône-et-Loire (southern Burgundy), France

Excavations of Lattara / Saint-Sauveur, Lattes, Hérault (eastern Languedoc), France

Selected Publications:

In press. Montón-Subías, S., & —–. Engendered archaeologies. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. New York: Springer. Anticipated publication: 2012.

2011. —–, & C.L. Crumley. Historical ecology: Using what works to cross the divide. In T. Moore & X.-L. Armada (eds.), Atlantic Europe in the First Millennium BC: Crossing the Divide: 109-134. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2010. —–. Agricultural changes, ancient mounds, and archaeological course-corrections: Some field (and forest) notes from southern Burgundy. In E. Byrnes, V. Holyoak & S. Trow (eds.), Heritage Management of Farmed and Forested Landscapes in Europe, Europae Archaeologiae Consilium (EAC) Occasional Paper 4: 59-68. Budapest: Archaeolingua Press.

2010. —–. Review of J. Maříková-Kubková, N. Schlanger, and S. Lévin (eds.), 2008, Sites of Memory: Between Scientific Research and Collective Representations. Proceedings of the AREA Seminar at Prague Castle, February 2006. Castrum Pragense 8. Prague: Archeologický Ústav AV CR. European Journal of Archaeology 13(2):270.

2010. —–, E.C. Costenbader, W.A. Zule, D. Otiahvili, & I. Kirtadze. ‘We are ordinary men’: MSM identity categories in Tbilisi, Georgia. Culture, Health & Sexuality 12(8):955-971.

2009. Costenbader, E.C., D. Otiashvili, —–, W.A. Zule, A. Orr, & I. Kirtadze. Secrecy and risk among MSM in Tbilisi, Georgia. AIDS Care 21(5):591-597.