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IEMA Post-doctoral Scholar 2010-2011
Organizer of the Fourth IEMA Visiting Scholar Spring Conference 2011- Worlds of Sacrifice: Exploring the Past and Present of Gifts for the Gods

Previous Academic Appointments

January to June 2010

Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Art History, University of Virginia.

September 2007 to July 2009

University Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Wales, Lampeter.

September 2005 to June 2007
Director of Studies in Classics, Bye-Fellow,
Downing College, University of Cambridge.

January 2005 to August 2007

Research Associate, Leverhulme Trust Greek Colonization and European Development Project,
Affiliated Lecturer,
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.


PhD 2005
Institute of Archaeology, University College London
Thesis: An Investigation into the Nature and Representation of Authority for the Etruscans during the Orientalizing and Archaic Periods

MPhil 1999
Archaeological Science
Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
Emphases on Soil Science and Geographic Information Systems

BA 1998
Major in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology
Double minor in History and Visual Arts
University of California, San Diego

Research Interests

Classical Archaeology
Material Culture in Context
Landscape and Seascape Theory
Funerary Archaeology
Cultural Anthropology
Gender Studies
Heritage Studies

Selected Publications

Lucas, J., C. Murray and S. Owen (In Progress) Landscape and Greek Colonization, Cambridge University Press.

Lucas, J., C. Murray and S. Owen (In Progress) Greek Colonization in Local Context, The Proceedings of the Symposium on Greek Colonization. Museum of Classical Archaeology Monograph Series, University of Cambridge, Oxbow Books.

Murray, C. (In Progress) “Cultural Interaction in the Central Mediterranean” in Greek Colonization in Local Context, The Proceedings of the Symposium on Greek Colonization. Museum of Classical Archaeology Monograph Series, University of Cambridge, Oxbow Books.

Murray, C. (Forthcoming) “Constructions of Authority through Ritual: Considering Transformations in Ritual Space as reflecting Society in Iron Age Etruria” in the Proceedings of the State Formation in the Mediterranean Conference, ed: N. Terrenato and D. Haggis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Oxford: Oxbow.

Roth-Murray, C. 2007 “Elite Interaction in Archaic Etruria: Exploring the exchange networks of terracotta figured frieze plaques”, Journal of Mediterranean Studies vol 17, no 1: 135-160.

Roth-Murray, C. 2005 “A Disclosure of Power: Elite Etruscan Iconography During the 8th-6th Centuries” in P. Attema, A. Nijboer, A. Zifferero (eds.) Papers in Italian Archaeology VI, Proceedings of the 6th Conference of Italian Archaeology, University of Groningen, April 15-17 2003, British Archaeological Reports International Series 1452 (I), 186-195.

Murray, C. 2002 “Temples and Shrines: Defining Sacred Space Archaeologically in Etruria” in SOMA 2001. Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers. BAR 64-71.

Murray, C. 2001 “The Etruscans” in The Archaeological Journal 158, 353-363.

Encyclopaedia Entries

Roth-Murray, C. 2009 Entries on “The Etruscans” and “Demaratus of Corinth” for the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Ancient History.

Roth-Murray, C., R. Roth 2009 Entry on “Sites in Europe outside Greece and Italy from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period” for Oxford University Press Encyclopaedia of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Book Reviews

Roth-Murray, C. 2008 Journal of Libyan Studies vol 39. T. Hodos 2006 Local Responses to Colonization in the Iron Age Mediterranean. London: Routledge.

Roth-Murray, C. 2007 Classical Review vol 58.1, 266-268. G. Gorini, A. Mastrocinque (eds.) 2005 Stipi votive delle Venezie. Altichiero, Monte Altare, Musile, Garda, Riva. (Corpus delle Stipi Votive in Italia 19) Rome: Bretschneider; and R. Panvini, L. Sole 2005 L’acropoli di gela. Stipi, depositi o scarichi (Corpus delle Stipi Votive in Italia 18) Rome: Bretschneider.

Roth-Murray, C. 2006 Journal of Roman Studies vol XCVI, 282-284. M. Cascianelli 2003 La tomba Giulimondi di Cerveteri. Cataloghi– Musei Vaticani, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco) 8. Vaticano: Musei Vaticani; and G. Paolucci. 2005 Documenti e memorie sulle antichità e il museo di Chiusi. Biblioteca di studi etruschi/ Istituto nazionale di studi etruschi ed italici 39. Pisa: Istituti editoriali e poligrafic internazionali.

Roth-Murray, C. 2005 Journal of Roman Studies vol XCV, 311-312. M. Schwarz 2002 Tumulat Italia Tellus: Gestaltung, Chronologie und Bedeutung der römischen Rundgräber in Italien (Internationale Archäologie 72).

Roth-Murray, C. 2004 Journal of Roman Studies vol XCIV, 226-227. A. Comella 2001 Il Santuario di Punta della Vipera. Santa Marinella Comune di Civitavecchia. I. I materiali votive. Corpus delle stipi votive in Italia XIII, Regio VII, 6 (Archeologica 131) Rome: Bretschneider; and G.V. Gentili 2003 Verucchio Villanoviana. Il Sepolcreto in Località le Pegge e la Necropoli al Piede della Rocca Malatestiana, Monumenti Antichi, Rome: Bretschneider.

Professional Memberships

Accordia Research Institute

American Institute of Archaeology

Society for American Archaeology